I am an attorney licensed in Washington. Along with my law degree, I possess a Master's of Business Administration and the degree of Master of Science in Financial Planning, and the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst(c) certificate .

Most of  my current practice involves divorces, parenting plans, child support, and modifications in Clark County.


We are devloping a Collaborative Family Law awareness in Vancouver, this involves parties who want attorneys and representation but do not want to fight in court.  


I have had private practices in Seattle and Anaheim, California and currently have my office in Vancouver, Washington.


I have worked as a Public Defender Staff Attorney in Clallam County, Washington and as a Deputy Public Defender in Northern California. While working in these offices I was the attorney of record on approximately 1,600 cases and have worked on even more cases, ranging from the lowest level of misdemeanor to felony preliminary hearings and felony drug court representation.

My non-legal experience ranges from having been an unlimited-tonnage deck officer in the merchant marine, currently holding the United States Coast Guard License of Master, unlimited tonnage, Oceans; and Master, sail, 100 gross-tons, oceans, to having been a registered representative of a broker/dealer and having had several small businesses.

When you hire me, you receive my personal service and attention, you are working with me, not with a firm that will toss your file to whomever is currently available.

I offer services in Will and Trust creation, Estate Planning, Family (domestic) Law, and Criminal defense for misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors. I also assist in business creation and development. Please see the SERVICES page.
While located in Clark County, there are many services which I can provide throughout the entire State of Washington.

I look forward to your business.

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